Wigs offer an excellent opportunity to experiment with your look. Without fumbling around with your strands, using a wig can be the best option for many individuals who want to try something new.

Make a change with a different hairstyle that will have heads turning, get the best use out of your wig, and elevate your hair game.

Best of all, these are styles that can be accomplished right at home, no need to head into the salon for an incredible technique on your favorite wigs. 

All of these hairstyles can be done with any of our 100% Human natural wigs! So don't forget to check them out here.

Half Up HairDo

Keep your wig easygoing with a hairstyle that goes with the flow. An effortless half-up hairdo can be done any way you envision, day or night, without having to follow strict guidelines.

This could mean a half-up ponytail or an array of bobby pins guiding your wig into different sections.

Regardless of how you choose to style your half, there’s no rulebook, no matter the texture or length.

Express your creativity with a festive style that allows your hair to be the main attraction at the next event. To keep your wig intact, use a come for an intentional body at every angle for some extra tease. 

half up half down curly hair


Elegant Updo

Obtain a hairstyle that works for any showdown with an updo that shapes your face. Enjoy this fun experiment with your wig.

Whether you want to try a braided crown, a messy bun, or create something new, your wig will become a sculpture everyone will admire.

While you may need to map it out at first, your hair will turn out gorgeous every single time when you put your mind to it. So be inspired to turn your wig into a work of art and create a new updo style that may be your favorite one yet.

Elegant Updo long hair

Heatless Curls 

There’s no reason to pack on too much heat, especially in the colder seasons. When you can incorporate heatless curls, add a layer of spice to your wig that can transform your look.

Especially if you’re working with a wig that can use a little TLC, this style gives you the chance to stretch until wash day with heatless waves that last.

Whether you obtain this look through the bun method, Bantu knots, or a braid-out, your wig will thank you for limiting the heat and making it work.

For extra height, use hair spray and tease the top to volumize the curls for that added Hollywood glam style. 

Heatless Curls wig

Hairstyles With Accessories

Add a touch of glitz and sparkle to your wig with a thrilling embellishment that will transform all lengths and textures for any party.

Choose from a velvet headband, glittering pin, or beautifully patterned scarf for some flair in your hair. As a charming accent, an accessory makes getting into the glamorous spirit seamless with just one add-on.

Mix and match your outfit or make it your bold styling statement for the evening. Styling your wigs doesn’t have to be complicated.

Create magic with an accessory that shows your personality and makes you feel gorgeous.

hairstyles with accessories



January 10, 2022 — Guichard Suy