We're here to instill confidence and capture our customer's attention through a stunning array of hair and aftercare products. At Nocha store, it's our ambition to help our customer's beauty shine through leveling up the industry standard.

We love what we do. We are happy when our customer is. We believe great hair speaks louder than words, and your happiness and satisfaction are contagious and will bring more value to us. 

We promise to always provide you with the best product and best experience because you deserve the best. 

Our Story 

We started Nocha to disrupt the overpriced, outdated, and low-quality models of hair products. We grew up from word of mouth, testimony, and references from customers after getting great experience with our products and our team. 

Today, we are so proud to serve customers in more than 50 countries worldwide, with our leading clients based in the USA, UK, and Canada. Our set of high-quality human hair, our original and personalized support set us apart. 

Nocha wouldn't be the brand it's become today without Ashley, Susan, and Jenifer, a dynamic team of beauty and customer service specialists who serve you around the world from our headquarters office. 

Our products

We know the luxury your hair deserves and what you need to be unique and feel exquisite. We provide you with the latest trendy hair products, innovative techniques, and accessories to get the celebrity hairstyle you deserve and unleash your beauty.

Onwards and Upwards

At Nocha, the sky's the limit. We're on a mission to become the reference in superior quality Hair products and accessories. Our passion is to make our customers always feel unique and beautiful. 

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                                        ! Because you deserve the best!